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DIY Probate UK – Cutting the Cost of Probate

Assisted DIY Probate for just £249 plus Probate Registry Fees. Want to know how to deal with probate yourself?   This is the easy way, but if your would like our free Guide to Probate and the Duties of Executors, please email us.  Equally, if you should want relatively low cost professional help, we’ll happily email you our probate fee list.  Unlike many, we are happy to help out rather than just take over if that is what you want.

It is all online, but with masses of help and videos, which young and old alike have found more than adequate.   Many lawyers will charge £249 just for the first hour, so you should save hundreds or thousands of pounds.   And in the even that the case proves too complex there is a relative low cost service to pick up where you left off.  How can you lose?

For those of you who know of Painting By Numbers, our low cost online probate service is just like that.  Fill in the blanks, send off the pre-written letters to get any further information which may be needed.  Then fill in the blanks until you are ready.  Click submit, and we will email the completed probate pack to you to print out, sign and post off to the Probate Registry.  If you find there is a mistake in what you have typed in, we’ll open up the files for you to update and resubmit.  No extra cost.  There are even nice Reports to show the beneficiaries what you have done. Plus the HMRC forms ready to sign.

No need for expensive solicitors!

Try out the DIY Probate Free – try our demo before you pay!

(but don’t put real figures in – they are not saved).

DIY Probate UK

Gilson Chapple

‘ I was delighted with the simplicity that this service affords and at a very reasonable price and  the very very helpful online staff. ‘

Mr G Chapple 

Fixed fee DIY Probate

is suitable for families who can do all the work and apply for probate with lots of online probate help, but without the need to seek professional professional advice.  But with our simple online probate help system it is easy to switch on the help if you need it – and you will have cut the cost of probate with the work you have already done! The do it yourself Probate fee does NOT include Court fees (Probate Court fees are around £100.) DIY Probate makes it easy to deal with probating a Will for a straightforward estate in England and Wales.

“Don’t forget the cost of DIY Probate is an expense of the estate, so you won’t be out of pocket for long, and it will save you hours and hours.”

The mission of DIY Probate is to help executors of Wills do as much of the probate work online as they can themselves, but with the safety net of professional help at relatively modest cost.  Hopefully you won’t need any extra help but it is reassuring to know it is there.  Most people manage it with the help of the online probate videos without problems, so we don’t pick up any extra business for our team of probate lawyers :-( !

“We found the online process very user friendly thank you, once we had collated all the relevant information!
Kind Regards
Frankie Farrell “

DIY Probate with a safety net if you need it.

Cut the cost of probate

Cut the cost of probate with   DIY Probate

If you have both the time and the ability it can be quite satisfying to do as much as you can yourself, and with our system we won’t need to redo all of the work you have already done if you do decide you need help.  But do beware of complications which can be very dangerous for non-professionals.   We had one chap whose wife died leaving a special trust in his Will, and appointing us as executors as she knew it was complicated (as did he) – sadly, he insisted on doing everything himself, and could well get a totally unnecessary tax bill for £110,000.  With just a couple of hours help, that could have been avoided.   That said, many Last Wills are pretty uncomplicated and may not even need probate at all – we’ll go into that on another page.

Where probate is needed, it typically takes between three and nine months depending on the complexity of the persons estate, the number of assets and liabilities and the number of beneficiaries.  The more of any of them, the longer it will take.

For DIY probate

three things are necessary:

  • You must be persistent – it will take several attempts to obtain the information you need, and what they tell you will often be wrong! Just be careful.
  • Keep careful records so that you can fill the forms in accurately.
  • You must know your limits and seek help if necessary.

With our system, all the work you do will save you money, and the systems guide you through with help on tap at every point.

The Probate Wizard can handle a wide variety of situations and estates of any value.

The DIY Probate Wizard is ideal:

  • Whether or not the deceased left a will;
  • Whether or not a grant of probate is required;
  • Whether or not a transferable nil-rate band may be required (but only for the first death).

When is The DIY Probate Wizard not ideal?

The DIY Probate Wizard may not be used if:

  • The deceased didn’t live in or wasn’t born in England or Wales. Contact us first.
  • Inheritance tax may be due (it is helpful, but we would recommend contacting us for advice before you start);
  • The will or estate is disputed;
  • The surviving spouse is domiciled abroad; or
  • The deceased died bankrupt or the estate is insolvent.

The DIY Probate Wizard can be used if the estate is subject to inheritance tax or is otherwise non-exempt. However, it will not compile the IHT400 and separate inheritance tax calculations will be required (though it does provide an estimate of tax liabilities in all cases).

DIY Probate with a safety net.